Nov. 16th, 2016

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 Hey y'all, 

Sam here. I wanted a fresh change, so here I be. What's the story morning glory? (Oasis fan yesss) I am sitting on my bed with my Macbook on my lap and drinking water... Coll will be home in about two hours. She went to see her bf Justin. I am blissful in my single hood. I am a bit hungry and I smell oranges when we had bananas for snack, which is fucking weird. I have a strange body. Really! LOL

So, tell me, my lovelies, how are you tonight? I am ok. I am using Safari bc Chrome froze half the time. I shall use Safari until I find a more suitable browser. Not that Safari is that bad, it just isn't my cuppa. I can't go to the Grey Cup party now bc you have to bring some food with you and I am flat broke until I get my GST... which I had earmarked it for Pokemon Sun AND I wanted to take my sister out for her birthday which is November 20th. I can watch the game on my tv. I wonder if TSN carries the Grey Cup coverage? OMG! The Edmonton Eskimos against the Ottawa Red Blacks! OMGOMGOMG... I am cheering for the Red Blacks bc my sister's (almost all of them practically) family comes from Ottawa. 

I am certainly in a typing mood. My parents are moving up to Gravenhurst at the end of November. If I get a cell which I am in February, I can phone them, bc Chatr has coast to coast coverage. I am getting a Blackberry. :-D 

Well, I'm off to fix up my x-posts to LJ.

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I have used it a lot of times w/o the power cord and the laptop works like a charm. Not like the other computers I have had in the past. Now, all I need is for the WiFi to work outside in the backyard and if I can get that, everything is golden.

I want my GST soon. I have so much on my plate right now and a bit of $$$ would help a lot. I want to get a eShop card on Friday to d/l Pokemon Sun, and I also want to take Coll out for her birthday.

What to do, my lovelies?


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