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 She is going to help me with one of my physical and mental triggers. I have agoraphobia and she wants me to go above and beyond my limitations in order to overcome said triggers. It will be hard but then everything is hard the first few times. She told me that I have great strength in me and that I can overcome these hurdles. I am very determined to do this. I never give up... nor will I ever. Once I want something, I see about getting it.

I am so tired... I was falling asleep when I was with Helen. I need to take a nap. I have Pirate cookies that I can have for snack if I miss the house snack. I need water too. 

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 It's bbq pork chops tonight. Nice! I am still waiting on my check so that I can get a $50 card to get Pokemon Sun. Coll's getting it at Max Milk. Tomorrow is bowling. I can't wait bc I haven't bowled in a couple of weeks. After that, I'm taking Coll out to dinner on Friday, if I get my $$$.

In Pokemon news, I am thinking of starting again on Y and Alpha Sapphire. I have a feeling that Pokemon Sun will be easy for me... but I d/led the demo and I loved what I saw. It looks awesome. The first thing is I'm going to do on Sun, is catch me a Yungoos and name it Toupee and wondertrade the fucker. I hope it's not that easy. I would love to have a hard game experience like ORAS. Y'know? Y is pretty easy... I can beat that blindfolded.. what is with this Looker fella after you beat the game? Is it a side story or what?

I have a feeling that I will get my pin either tonight or tomorrow after bowling. 



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