Holy crap!

Nov. 25th, 2016 10:06 pm
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 I know, I know, this is a rather late post but I was trying to get WP to work but nope. Still not working. It works fine on PCs but it won't work on a Mac --- which pisses me off. But, all that matters not bc I got a really nice score at bowling this morning. 149. That is literally the highest I've ever gotten!!

I don't know about this journal any longer bc no one has added me on DW and I feel I'm talking to a brick wall when I post. I am going to let this blog float away and I will write on LJ and Tumblr.

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 I have it in my list of links or I will after this both here and at LJ too. Follow me bitches. Or not, it's up to y'all. I post all sorts of shit on here. And if the retro flower bg isn't your thing, tell me bc it's kind of not mine either. I got this pattern on google. I might change it tomorrow after bowling. So, I will x-post to LJ via this journal and then, at my Tumblr.

I'm too pooped to poop.


Nov. 23rd, 2016 03:55 pm
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 Today I got the best news ever. My sister did a google search for the Sims2 for the mac and apparently you can buy a super collection. I have been collecting the PC game, but with the mac version you get a hella good expansion packs like...


I can't wait! :-D There are some eps I don't have like Seasons, Glamour Life, Open for Business. This is going to be epic. :-D

I am playing the Sims2 on my sister's computer until I get this. 

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 She is going to help me with one of my physical and mental triggers. I have agoraphobia and she wants me to go above and beyond my limitations in order to overcome said triggers. It will be hard but then everything is hard the first few times. She told me that I have great strength in me and that I can overcome these hurdles. I am very determined to do this. I never give up... nor will I ever. Once I want something, I see about getting it.

I am so tired... I was falling asleep when I was with Helen. I need to take a nap. I have Pirate cookies that I can have for snack if I miss the house snack. I need water too. 

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 I got my wish and it is snowing! :-D My sister told me to stay home for dinner bc of the weather. High winds, blowing snow, possibility of ice on the ground. My sister is the best. 

I am downloading Mac OS Mavericks bc the current version I have is obsolete. So, I will have Mavericks instead of Snow Leopard or whatevs the hell I have. o_o

My ankle is acting up. I think it's the weather? I hit it with my hand to get the pain out and then rub it. Seems to work. (At least for the time being) 

I think we might be having pierogies and something else but I don't know what. 


Sweet Jane

Nov. 20th, 2016 09:00 pm
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I love The Velvet Underground's version over the new versions. I find that Lou is better than the Cowboy Junkies. There was a CSI ep dealing with Jane Does and it had both the Velvet Underground and the Cowboy Junkies on it. One to start up the ep and one to end it. I love Mike Keppler, he was a good char until he got murdered in another ep. Is CSI still on or has it kicked the bucket?

I went to the spaghetti dinner and I had a good time with my sister. I had only one plate of food bc I didn't want to make a pig out of myself and plus I was getting full by drinking iced tea all night. I went over to Botsford to find out where Mike was and the final score dealing with the Ottawa Red Blacks over the Edmonton Eskimos. Now they have to beat the Calgary Stampeders, which they will. I have this feeling in my gut y'know? 

It is crazy windy out. It was snowing too... but it wasn't packing snow and ppl who hate the cold and the snow and ice .. well.. wet snow is just as bad. I think there is a phobia of that... yep. chionophobia -- the fear of snow. (Who knew!?) I have too many phobias to list here. I just hope my sister is ok. It's her birthday today! If she was on DW or LJ, I'd ask y'all to wish her a happy b-day. :-) But she is on WP and I have officially started to really hate Wordpress. I hated it even b4 my sister got one. It just bungles me up. I hate it. It's like the worst blog host ever. At least to me it is. I have dealt with different hosts but I have only discovered DW awhile ago. And I have been on LJ for the longest time.. I remember S1 style templates and when Russia took over LJ for awhile. That's how old I am. o_o 

But I also found that Dreamwidth has (for the free account only one) x-posting possibilities so... I set up the x-posting thingy, so my readers here (which consists of dust bunnies and ghosts.) can check my blog here and on LJ. Win win! ;-) 

I am going to relax now and wait for Coll. :-)

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 You know that little budgie that talks to you about the camera feature and the music player? Well he keeps on repeating stuff I didn't say! o_O

My sister is getting me this for Hanukkah. She is the best sister ever! :-D <3 her.

I am going to have a little nap after this. Oh and Coll are sharing my mac with me, she wanted a mac but she can't afford one, so being the best sister I can be, let her share my computer. I don't mind. She gave the Lenovo to Justin. :-D


Bad news

Nov. 19th, 2016 04:11 pm
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 I am not saying much about the news bc I'm still trying to process it myself. My friend Lorraine died this morning of bone cancer. #cancersucks She was a good friend. <3 RIP Lorraine. Bless.

I'm just drinking some really cold water -- it is so cold, my teeth (which are sensitive) hurt. But it's better than room temperature right? I think my watch is broken. I need a new strap.. or another digital watch. -__-

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 I would go too but I can't bc I am Jewish. I was just reading this article on the grossest deaths ever on TWD. It's right here if you want to read it. :-) December is going to be a party month. We have the sz clinic's annual fete, and then, another at Westwood Manor, and of course the social Christmas party... and there is our home's Christmas dinner which Jan is doing. I just hope nothing bad happens bc Jan is not a good cook. Well, she does certain meals well but not always. 

Did y'all like the vlog I did yesterday? I thought it was pretty good for me bc I haven't done one for the longest time. Right now, I'm waiting on Dave bc I need my GST. I am getting an eShop card to buy Pokemon Sun. :-) I wish I had it already but no money, no funny. :-( I want to take my sister out for her birthday, which is tomorrow. :-D Speaking of tomorrow, the spaghetti dinner is on at the Lion's Hall so Coll, Justin and Mike are going. Coll & Justin are going as a couple and Mike and I are going as friends. I am not attracted to Mike, so it's strictly platonic. 

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This me, in my room, doing a vlog. I promised y'all that I would do that so, here it is. Not an earthshattering one but a good one just the same, and y'all get to see what I look like.


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I'm blogging in the dining room, bc I'm waiting for dinner. I have no rants for you today except for the post below this one counts. I think I will definitely do a vlog today b4 Coll gets home. She is such a darling, she is getting me chips and an Arizona iced tea when she comes back from her excursions with Justin. They are busy as a bee today and Coll is going out with her parents for a Sunday breakfast at St. John's Chrysostem tomorrow morning.

I am just going to read my flist after dinner. I want to catch up with y'all on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal. I know that I haven't been over to LJ in awhile so... I am tonight. :-) And, I am going on YT later on.. for creepypastas. I love this creepy pasta. It's in two parts.

Part One: --->
Part Two: --->

That is a very good creepypasta bc it makes you think. It's also a bit sad.

Edit: 5:16pm  Had a good dinner. Still thinking of doing a vlog tonight. I have to see if John Luke will do videos.


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 It has! The menus are all fucked up, and I believe it hates Mac users bc I never had this problem with Coll's computer (a Lenovo which I must say, works like a charm for her.) so I don't know what WP is trying to prove. I have Safari which I heard is pretty good for a barebones browser. I have tried every fucking browser for the mac and they either freeze or don't want to work for me. It is bloody frustrating!! I don't know and if WP does this again? I'm blogging here and x-posting to LJ whom I also have a beef with. Sometimes the password I gave them wasn't the right one and I'm banned for a fucking hour. 


So, what is new people? Coll is spending the day with Justin.. so I might make a quick vlog with my camera app. It does videos too I think. Whether or not it does sounds idk. Dealing with a Macbook after using Win7... the difference is amazing. 

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 It's bbq pork chops tonight. Nice! I am still waiting on my check so that I can get a $50 card to get Pokemon Sun. Coll's getting it at Max Milk. Tomorrow is bowling. I can't wait bc I haven't bowled in a couple of weeks. After that, I'm taking Coll out to dinner on Friday, if I get my $$$.

In Pokemon news, I am thinking of starting again on Y and Alpha Sapphire. I have a feeling that Pokemon Sun will be easy for me... but I d/led the demo and I loved what I saw. It looks awesome. The first thing is I'm going to do on Sun, is catch me a Yungoos and name it Toupee and wondertrade the fucker. I hope it's not that easy. I would love to have a hard game experience like ORAS. Y'know? Y is pretty easy... I can beat that blindfolded.. what is with this Looker fella after you beat the game? Is it a side story or what?

I have a feeling that I will get my pin either tonight or tomorrow after bowling. 


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I have used it a lot of times w/o the power cord and the laptop works like a charm. Not like the other computers I have had in the past. Now, all I need is for the WiFi to work outside in the backyard and if I can get that, everything is golden.

I want my GST soon. I have so much on my plate right now and a bit of $$$ would help a lot. I want to get a eShop card on Friday to d/l Pokemon Sun, and I also want to take Coll out for her birthday.

What to do, my lovelies?
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 Hey y'all, 

Sam here. I wanted a fresh change, so here I be. What's the story morning glory? (Oasis fan yesss) I am sitting on my bed with my Macbook on my lap and drinking water... Coll will be home in about two hours. She went to see her bf Justin. I am blissful in my single hood. I am a bit hungry and I smell oranges when we had bananas for snack, which is fucking weird. I have a strange body. Really! LOL

So, tell me, my lovelies, how are you tonight? I am ok. I am using Safari bc Chrome froze half the time. I shall use Safari until I find a more suitable browser. Not that Safari is that bad, it just isn't my cuppa. I can't go to the Grey Cup party now bc you have to bring some food with you and I am flat broke until I get my GST... which I had earmarked it for Pokemon Sun AND I wanted to take my sister out for her birthday which is November 20th. I can watch the game on my tv. I wonder if TSN carries the Grey Cup coverage? OMG! The Edmonton Eskimos against the Ottawa Red Blacks! OMGOMGOMG... I am cheering for the Red Blacks bc my sister's (almost all of them practically) family comes from Ottawa. 

I am certainly in a typing mood. My parents are moving up to Gravenhurst at the end of November. If I get a cell which I am in February, I can phone them, bc Chatr has coast to coast coverage. I am getting a Blackberry. :-D 

Well, I'm off to fix up my x-posts to LJ.


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