Nov. 19th, 2016

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 I would go too but I can't bc I am Jewish. I was just reading this article on the grossest deaths ever on TWD. It's right here if you want to read it. :-) December is going to be a party month. We have the sz clinic's annual fete, and then, another at Westwood Manor, and of course the social Christmas party... and there is our home's Christmas dinner which Jan is doing. I just hope nothing bad happens bc Jan is not a good cook. Well, she does certain meals well but not always. 

Did y'all like the vlog I did yesterday? I thought it was pretty good for me bc I haven't done one for the longest time. Right now, I'm waiting on Dave bc I need my GST. I am getting an eShop card to buy Pokemon Sun. :-) I wish I had it already but no money, no funny. :-( I want to take my sister out for her birthday, which is tomorrow. :-D Speaking of tomorrow, the spaghetti dinner is on at the Lion's Hall so Coll, Justin and Mike are going. Coll & Justin are going as a couple and Mike and I are going as friends. I am not attracted to Mike, so it's strictly platonic. 


Bad news

Nov. 19th, 2016 04:11 pm
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 I am not saying much about the news bc I'm still trying to process it myself. My friend Lorraine died this morning of bone cancer. #cancersucks She was a good friend. <3 RIP Lorraine. Bless.

I'm just drinking some really cold water -- it is so cold, my teeth (which are sensitive) hurt. But it's better than room temperature right? I think my watch is broken. I need a new strap.. or another digital watch. -__-



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